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Finding accommodation is often the most time consuming part of trip planning. We have selected our favorite sites to book stays – from cheap to more expensive – to help make the process easier for you! You will also find blog posts below with more tips and information regarding accommodation around the world.

Hotels & Hostels

Airbnb Logo

Airbnb is the #1 site we use to book accommodation. With Airbnb, you can rent out single bedrooms in shared apartments, entire apartments, or houses – we’ve done all of the above. We love Airbnb because you often have all of the amenities of a home (kitchen, washer/dryer, etc) while traveling. Airbnb has saved us hundreds of dollars during our travels around the world. Logo
Booking is our go-to site for booking hotels and sometimes hostels. This site has accommodation in over 150,000 destinations around the world. We have always found to be easy to navigate and the reviews to be trustworthy.   

Agoda Logo

Agoda is like a for Asia. They have over 2 million properties worldwide to choose from – from hostels and apartments to hotels and monthly stays,  there is something for everyone. We used this site to book a few hotels and bed & breakfasts while in Vietnam and Thailand, and we found the site very reliable and easy to use.

Hostelworld Logo

Hostelworld is by far our favorite site to book hostels. There are hundreds if not thousands of trustworthy reviews for each hostel. They also have ratings on the cleanliness, security, facilities, etc. for each property, which is very important to know when booking hostels. We have used this site countless number of times and have always been happy with our experience. 

Cheap or Free

Couchsurfing Logo

Couchsurfing is a platform that provides a way for travelers to connect with locals and stay with locals for free/cheap. Usually, as a guest, you should give back to your host for the free stay by cooking, cleaning, or giving some sort of a gift. Even then, this is a very affordable way to travel around the world and to meet friends along the way. 

Workaway Logo

Workaway is a work exchange site that connects you with people from all over the world who are looking for volunteers to help them with a project in exchange for free food and stay. Basically, you work for around 25 hours per week and in exchange you get free room and board (usually). I’ve done this twice and have loved both of my experiences. You can read more about it here

Worldpackers Logo

Worldpackers is pretty much the same as Workaway. This site has a lot of volunteer options in South America and Asia, and Workaway is more focused on Europe. There are a few key differences between the two sites – you can read about it here


WWOOFing (Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms)  – is an exchange program where you get to work and live on an organic farm and receive free room and board while you volunteer. This is an incredible opportunity to travel slowly and learn about sustainability while working on an organic farm. 

Trusted Housesitters Logo
Trusted Housesitters

Trusted Housesitters is the most popular house sitting site. They have opportunities mainly in the UK, US, Europe, and Australia. As a house sitter, you get to stay in someone’s house for free while you watch their house and pets (sometimes) while they are out-of-town. This is a great option for budget travelers or long-term travelers who like to take it slow.

Nomador Logo

Nomador is also a house-sitting site. Their main focus was originally in France; however, they have since expanded to destinations all over the world. All travelers and home owners are verified, so you can trust the users on the site

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