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How to get from Bologna Airport to Bologna Centrale

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Visiting Bologna and looking for the best way to get from Bologna Airport to Bologna Centrale?

Look no further! In this article, we give you a comprehensive guide on the different ways to make the journey from Guglielmo Marconi airport to the city center.

It’s always a bit stressful flying into a new place and wondering how you’re going to get to the train station or the city from the airport, especially for early morning or late night flights. We’ve flown in and out of the Bologna airport several times and have used almost all of the options available!

In this guide, we’re sharing the quickest, cheapest, and most convenient ways to access the city from the airport based on our personal experience.

Quickest Option: Bologna Airport to Bologna Centrale

The quickest way to get from Bologna international airport to Bologna central is by the Marconi Express.

The Marconi Express is an express rail link connecting Bologna Airport “Guglielmo Marconi” to Bologna Centrale train station. It takes under 10 minutes and stops at both the airport and Bologna train station.

This is the quickest and one of the most convenient ways to get between the two points.

Marconi Express Times

The Marconi Express runs between 5:40 AM and midnight everyday. There are up to 8 departures an hour, going in each direction, although this frequency varies depending on the time of day, with peak hours offering a more frequent service. The journey takes around 7 minutes.

Marconi Express Price

The ticket price is 11 € for a Flex single, and 20 € for a Flex return. Tickets can be purchased online at the official website, or for more convenience, using the contactless payment system onboard the trains.

The “flex” fair means you can use your ticket at any point within 12 months after you purchase your ticket.

Getting to and from the Marconi Express

To find the platform at the airport, you’ll need to go to the departures level. Here you’ll find signs directing you to the Marconi Express. The airport and platform are connected by a covered walkway.

In Bologna Central railway station, you’ll find the Marconi Express inside the atrium on Via de’ Carracci. To reach this, take the Piazza Medaglie d’Oro entrance. There is a pedestrian underpass.

The Marconi Express is the best option for travelers arriving in Bologna anytime between 5:40 am and midnight on any day of the week. The journey is quick and payment is efficient giving you the most fuss-free option to get to the center of Bologna.

You can find more information on the official Marconi Express website.

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Cheapest Option: Bologna Airport to Bologna Centrale

If you’re on a budget and looking for a cheaper public transport option to get to Bologna Centrale, then you could go by bus.

Unfortunately, there is no direct shuttle bus between the airport to the central train station anymore. The Marconi Express replaced it in 2020.

Although this is the cheapest option, the downside is that there is no dedicated airport bus so you’ll have to make do with regular commuter service routes.

Line 81 or 91

One option is to take the public bus line 81 or 91. You can pick this bus up from Birra. Birra is about about a 15-20 minutes walk south of the airport, so there is no direct access to the airport on this route. A bus journey costs €1.50 each way. 

From Birra, the bus will continue to Bologna Centrale, or depending on where you’re staying, you could get off at Marconi (one of the main streets in the city).

The earliest bus leaving Birra to go to the center departs at 5:43 AM. The final service of the day from Birra is at 9:58 PM.

From the center out to Birra, the earliest bus is at 6:10 PM, with the latest leaving at 11:30 PM.

Times are different on the weekend, so it’s best to check the full timetable here.  

Line 944 + transfer to a connecting bus

An alternate route is to take line 944 from the airport. This route runs frequently. and makes 5 stops before looping back. You’ll need to change to get a connection to the center.

The biggest downside with taking this route is that you will need to transfer onto a different local bus. Depending on when you’re traveling might mean you get off at a different stop to make a connection.

If you’re opting for this bus, then we recommend using Google Maps to find which times line up the best for a connection you can make.

Again, the bus journey costs €1.50 each way.

The earliest 944 bus departs at 5:30 AM. The final service of the day from the airport is at 12:45 AM. It’s worth checking if there is an available connecting bus if you’re traveling outside fo peak times. As we mentioned, the easiest way to find out exactly which stop to get off at, and which line to take, use Google Maps.

Check out the timetable here for the 944 line.

Buying bus tickets in Bologna

There are several places where you can purchase your bus ticket. At the airport, go to either Carrefour express or the tobacco shop located on the ground floor of the Terminal.

You can also buy tickets on the bus. If you opt for this, then it’s useful to know that they will only accept coins and they don’t give change. Be prepared and have the correct money on you.

Most Convenient Option: Bologna Airport to Bologna Centrale

The most convenient way to get from Bologna Airport to Bologna Centrale is by taxi. This is particularly the case if you’re arriving outside of the hours that Marconi Express operates.

This is also a better option if you have mobility issues, or are traveling with a lot of luggage as you will get dropped right outside your accommodation.

Also, if you’re in a group, it may work out beneficial cost-wise to travel via taxi compared to buying multiple tickets on the Marconi Express.

Taxis are located at the arrivals area of the main terminal of Bologna Airport. You will be able to pick up a taxi from here without any advance booking. If you choose to go by taxi, then at peak time or after a flight has arrived, there may be a queue.

Depending on the time of day, a standard taxi will cost around €16 euros for a one-way journey. If you prefer a meet-and-greet chauffeur service, then expect to pay around €40 each way for the privilege.

A taxi from the airport to the train station takes around 15-20 minutes depending on traffic.

Best Bologna taxi companies 

Be sure to use one of the authorized taxi companies at Bologna Airport as opposed to hailing down any driver. They will give you the best price because the taxi rates are fixed for the route from Bologna Airport to the Central Train Station of Bologna (Bologna Centrale).

Although they will be in the region of €15-€18, some surcharges may be added.

These are the current official rates:

  • The weekday rate is 15€ + 0,50€ per extra luggage item
  • On bank holidays and nights, the rate is 18€ + 0,50€ per extra luggage item
  • If there is a 5th person an extra euro will be charged per person

The two official taxi companies at Bologna Airport are;

  • Cotabo +39 051 372727 (Italian only)
  • Cat Bologna +39 051 534141 (Italian and English)

Feel free to ask your hotel to arrange a taxi for you from the hotel to the airport. They will be happy to arrange it for you.

Best private chauffeur company

If you prefer to transfer in a more prestigious and comfortable luxury vehicle, then you may want to go for a chauffeured service.

With this option, you can tailor the entire VIP service. A driver will meet you at the airport. You can even arrange to stop at destinations along the way before going to your hotel.

The best company that offers this service is Cosepuri. Call +39 051 519090 (Italian and English) to book.

We’ve used Cosepuri several times, and they are always very professional and prompt.

Best option for early morning or late night arrivals

If you’re arriving either early morning or late at night, we would suggest getting a taxi or taking the Marconi Express.

We’ve included information about using the bus, however, one of the services doesn’t run late, and the other you’ll need to ensure that you can make a connection as it’s not a direct journey.

5 Frequently Asked Questions

Palazzo Maggiore Bologna

1. Does Bologna airport have a train station?

No, the Bologna airport does not have a train station. You need to take either the Marconi Express rail link, the bus, or a taxi to get to Bologna Centrale station from the airport.

The easiest way to access the train station from the airport is via the Marconi Express monorail.

2. Is there a bus from Bologna airport to Centrale station?

There is no direct bus from the airport to the train station. The Marconi Express monorail replaced the bus in 2020.

3. Can you walk from the Bologna airport to city center?

It would take 1 hour and 30 minutes to walk from the city center to the airport. We do not recommend walking.

4. How much is a taxi from Bologna airport to Bologna centrale station?

The cost of a taxi from Bologna airport to Bologna Centrale station ranges from €15-€18.

5. Is Bologna a walkable city?

Yes! The best way to get around Bologna is by walking. There are public buses that can take you around, but the most convenient and often quickest way to get to the main sites is by foot.

How are you planning to get from Bologna Airport to Bologna Centrale?

We hope this detailed article has given you all the information you need to know about getting from Bologna Airport to Bologna Centrale. Regardless of if you’re on a budget, or arriving after hours, there is a transfer option that will work for you.

We’ve taken almost all of the transport options listed in this article, so we are happy to answer any questions you may have about your journey in Bologna. Feel free to leave any comments or questions below!

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  1. Re Marconi Express

    As I am a little bit confused. From Bologna Central Station we need to go to Lazzaretti Station and get the transport from there or is it Bologna Central Station direct to Bologna Airport, please?
    Should we pay 11eur and the 2eur extra for Lazzaretti, please?

    Thanks a lot for your assistance.

    1. Hi Raymond,

      The Marconi Express takes you directly from Bologna Central Station to Bologna Airport. There is a stop at Lazzaretto on the way, but you do not need to get off there, nor do you need to pay extra for this. The complete route on the Marconi Express is Bologna Central Station -> Lazzaretto -> Bologna Airport.

      The normal ticket price of €11 one-way and €20 round-trip will get you directly between the station and the airport.

      Hope this helps.


    1. Hi Tony,
      A taxi from the Bologna airport to the city center usually costs around €15-€18.
      Let us know if you have any other questions.

  2. I’m willing to stay near airport.
    How can I travel from airport to bologna exhibition centre for 5 days daily and what are the best and convenient means with cost implication?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Krishna,

      Thanks for your message. I would suggest using Google Maps to find the best route. Based on my findings, you should take the Marconi Express from the airport to the Bologna train station. From the station, walk briefly to a bus stop and then take the bus to the exhibition center. The route is suggesting to take the #35 bus to BolognaFiere exhibition center. The trip will take you around 35-40 minutes each way. Marconi Express costs €20 round trip.

      You can purchase bus tickets at any tobacco shop in Bologna. I’d recommend buying multiple bus tickets, so you don’t have to purchase new tickets everyday. Bus tickets cost €1.50 per ride.

      You’re looking at a total of €23 per day round trip.

      Hope this helps.

    1. Hi Tom,

      I recommend arranging a taxi transfer through your hotel, or contacting one of the taxi companies listed in the post to arrange ahead of time.


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