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Great Ocean Road Australia

We always travel with insurance, and you should too.  There are a lot of travel insurance companies out there, but these are the two that we have used and have been happy with. Both of these options have worked well for long-term trips, and we would recommend either of them for you. 

International Health Insurance Solutions Logo
International Health Insurance Solutions

For our trip around the world, we chose a plan that worked more like a typical insurance plan – it had a monthly payment and deductible. With our plan, we were covered for preventative care and could go to the doctor if anything came up – not just for emergency care. 

We found our plan through International Health Insurance Solutions. This company is not a travel insurance company – it is an insurance brokerage owned by Arno. Arno is an insurance broker who knows a lot about different global insurance plans. Whether you are an expat, a digital nomad, or a long-term traveler – he can help find a plan that is best suited for your adventure. 

We would highly recommend looking at his site and contacting him if you have any questions regarding international insurance. It doesn’t cost to work with Arno – he gets paid once you book an insurance plan. 

World Nomads Logo
World Nomads

World Nomads has affordable travel insurance with extensive coverage – from health emergencies to lost baggage – they got you covered. 

It is important to note that World Nomads mainly covers emergencies – emergency medical and dental, emergency transportation, etc. So you can’t just go to the doctor for a check up or for something minor and be covered by this insurance. 

However, I would 100% recommend World Nomads if you are looking for a basic travel insurance for your trip. It’s worth having it just in case anything happens. I have used World Nomads for both long-term and short-term trips, and I’ve been happy with it every time. 

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