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How to Get from Malpensa Airport to Milan (Train, Bus, & Taxi)

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Milan Malpensa airport — MXP — is located to the northwest of Milan, about 50 km, or 30 miles, from the city center. The airport has two terminals and is the largest airport in Milan and in northern Italy.

Terminal one is an international terminal which also serves as Alitalia’s hub. Terminal two is solely used by EasyJet as its main Europe hub.

Flights leaving Milan Malpensa can get you to four continents — Africa, Asia, North and South America, and to destinations around the rest of Europe. 

There are 4 ways to get from Milan’s city center from Malpensa: train, bus, taxi, and private transfer.

We have flown in and out of Malpensa airport more times than we can count. In this guide, we are sharing the best options to get from Malpensa airport to Milan.

Train from Malpensa Airport to Milan 

The Malpensa Express Train is the easiest way to get to and from Milan’s Malpensa airport. The train departs from both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 at the airport.

There are two main train routes going into central Milan – one terminates at Milano Centrale and the other terminates at Milano Cadorna. Stops before that include Milano Porta Garibaldi and Milano Bovisa Politecnico.

The train journey takes about one hour.

You can find a map of the full Milan Malpensa airport express train route here which also includes stops in the suburbs between the airport and the city. 

Malpensa Express Hours

Milano Cadorna

  • From Milano Cadorna to the airport, trains leaves twice per hour from 4:30 am – 11:30 pm.
  • From the airport to Milano Cadorna, trains leaves twice per hour from 5:30am – 12:30am.

Milano Centrale

  • From Milano Centrale, trains leaves twice per hour from 5:30 am – 11:30pm.
  • From the airport to Milano Centrale, trains leave twice per hour from 5:30am – 10:30pm.

Where to Buy Tickets

Tickets for the Malpensa Express Train cost €13 one way, or €20 for a round trip ticket that is valid for 30 days after the date of purchase. You can purchase tickets in person both in the airport and in the city center.

There are also automated ticket machines open at all hours. Additionally, you can purchase your tickets in advance online on, or on the Malpensa website

Tickets can be purchased with cash (Euros) or card. If you do buy your ticket in person, and you have a physical copy, be sure to validate it at one of the machines before boarding the train. 

Important note: Train strikes are fairly common. Check the websites in the days leading up to your trip to see if any strikes are planned. If they are, plan to take alternate transportation. 

Bus from Malpensa Airport to Milan 

The Malpensa shuttle bus takes you from Malpensa airport to Milan’s central train station in a little over an hour.

Before arriving at Milano Centrale, the bus stops at Piazzale Lotto and Fiera Milano City. This bus route also connects Milan Malpensa with the other airport in Milan — Bergamo, as well as Monza, on the outskirts of the city. 

The first bus leaves Malpensa airport from terminal 1 at 5:20 am, terminal 2 ten minutes later, and then departures continue every 30 minutes throughout the day.

The last bus departs at 1:20 am. At both terminals you should look for bus stops 1, 2, and 3 for the buses to central Milan. 

Tickets for the shuttle bus cost €10 one-way or €16 round-trip, making it a slightly more affordable option than the train. You can buy your bus ticket online — you will need to choose a time but there is a grace period of four hours, so if your flight is delayed you can still catch a later bus without needing to buy a new ticket.

Alternatively, you can wait and buy your ticket in person when you arrive at the airport.

Taxi from Malpensa Airport to Milan 

Taking a taxi from Malpensa to Milano Centrale is the most expensive option. There is a fixed rate for the journey so the cost of a taxi from Malpensa to Milan is €110.

This is not negotiable and all registered taxis will charge you the same price. The drive is about an hour, directly from the airport into the center of the city, however it can be even longer depending on traffic conditions.

You’ll find taxi ranks outside of gate 6 at terminal 1 and outside of gate 4 at terminal 2.

Private Transfer from Malpensa Airport to Milan 

Private transfers can be a great option if you want peace of mind and zero stress when you arrive. This is especially helpful if you are traveling with a large amount of baggage.

These private transfers can be scheduled well in advance and booking one will mean that when you arrive at the airport someone will be waiting specifically for you.

You can also book different sized vehicles so accommodating larger groups or extra stuff can all be arranged in advance. 

The cost of a private transfer will be between €110 – €170 depending on the company and the size of the car you book. 

Best way to get from Malpensa Airport to Milano Centrale train station 

The best way to go into Milan’s Central train station from Milan Malpensa airport is on the Malpensa Express train. The train is reliable and leaves the airport at regular intervals throughout the day. It is comfortable and definitely the best as well as the easiest way to make the trip. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cheapest way to get from Malpensa airport to Milan? 

The shuttle bus is €10 one-way making it the cheapest way to get from Milan Malpensa airport into the center of Milan. 

Is the Malpensa Express train free? 

No, the Malpensa Express train is not free. The cost of the train is €13 one-way per person or €20 round-trip. 

Do you have to buy Malpensa Express tickets in Advance?

No, while it is possible to buy tickets for the Malpensa Express from Malpensa airport to Milan center in advance, it is not necessary.

The tickets are available to purchase at the airport. While it can be convenient to buy them in advance, it is often better to wait just in case of any unexpected delays or changes to your travel plans. 


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